This Doe Energy Inhalant was blended as a tool to aid you on your journey with doe. Combined together, her Allies Petitgrain and Spruce gift you with their ability to uplift and calm your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll find this blend effective in meditation or conscious state when you are in need of a peaceful, grounded state of mind. Channel these three Allies as they lead you through your meditation, nurture your heart and spirit by either wafting the vial before beginning your journey or by leaving it open and nearby as travel with doe. As you go deeper into your meditation, you’ll find Doe lending you her energetic spirit, a gift she, Petitgrain, and Spruce all pass as your Allies.

Doe Energy: Peace & Nurturing

SKU: MI002
  • This product comes in a 5/8 dram bottle.

    Receipt: Receipt: chunky sea salt, citrus aurantium (petitgrain) essential oil, and picea abies (spruce) essential oil.*This is to be used as an inhalant, and not to be ingested or applied directly to the skin, as skin irritation may occur for some users.

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